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5 Best Anti-Aging Supplements, According to Dermatologists

What to eat to have youthful, healthier skin even into your 50s or 60s.

If you’re looking for serious anti-aging skincare, you’re in the right place. You may be aware the skincare industry isn’t well-regulated, allowing countless products to make exaggerated claims without scientific evidence. This makes it hard for consumers like us to separate the good from the bad.

However, here’s the good news: there’s strong research supporting a group of “longevity-promoting” nutrients clinically-proven to promote supple, clearer and smoother skin.

After examining dozens of research papers on dermatology, we’ve identified the 5 best skin anti-aging supplements. Bolstered by human trial results and extensively tested, these are potent skin nutrients that even dermatologists swear by!


Our Top 5 Choices

👍 Best Overall For Anti-Aging: Collagen Glow Berries by The Purest Co

Best Vitamin C: Vitamins C & E with Rose Hips by Vitamin World

Best Vitamin E: Vitamin E Complex by Nordic Naturals

Best Fatty Acids: Mega 3/6/9 Omega Blend by Nature's Way

Best Probiotic: LactoBif Probiotics by California Gold Nutrition


Best Overall For Anti-Aging

1. Collagen Glow Berries by The Purest Co


  • Highly absorbable hydrolyzed marine collagen

  • Clinically-proven to get rid of wrinkles, sagging & dark spots

  • Added Bilberry Extract for skin inflammation

  • Free of nuts, dairy, soy, gluten & GMO

  • Third-party tested

  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Collagen derived from fish isn’t suitable for vegetarians

Collagen is often hailed as the ultimate 'fountain of youth' for aging skin In fact, many skin nutrients aim to boost collagen production. The best way to stimulate collagen is by consuming collagen itself, because it’s clinically-proven to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and help eliminate wrinkles, especially in women. More studies also show that collagen consumption is effective in smoothing complexion in aging skin.

And most dermatologists agree — the most effective is hydrolyzed collagen, which has a higher rate of absorption. We compared over 27 collagen supplements, and Collagen Glow Berries by The Purest Co outperformed in terms of collagen quality, transparency of ingredients and user reviews. It uses Type 1 hydrolyzed Nitta-Wellnex Marine Collagen®, which is backed by clinical evidence to firm, lift and moisturize older skin.

Best Vitamin C

2. Vitamins C & E with Rose Hips by Vitamin World


  • Water-soluble form of Vitamin C

  • Boasts Vitamin E and Rose Hip

  • Free of gluten, lactose, dairy, yeast & preservatives


  • Has soy ingredients

Want that youthful glow? Look no further than the trusty Vitamin C. Rich in strong antioxidants, this brightening booster is a must-have for dull and damaged skin. A daily dose of the ol’ vitamin C protects skin against UVA radiation and slows down melanin production – putting a stop to pesky dark spots, wrinkles and skin sagging.

Our pick of the bunch is Vitamins C & E with Rose Hips by Vitamin World. It includes an ample serving of Vitamin E, which works synergistically with vitamin C. Another bonus ingredient is Rose Hips, which is packed with retinoids to help brighten and soothe inflamed skin.

One potential drawback is the product contains soy ingredients, which some may be allergic to.

Best Vitamin E

3. Vitamin E Complex by Nordic Naturals


  • Third-party tested

  • Natural form of Vitamin E

  • Free of gluten, milk, wheat, soy, artificial color & flavors


  • Contains gelatin, which isn’t suitable for vegetarians

Consider Vitamin E as your skin’s “barrier warrior”. Its superpowers are multi-faceted – from “photoprotective, firming, hydrating and anti-ageing” to improving the elasticity and softness of the skin’s upper layers. Inside skin tissues, it inhibits skin cell damage by protecting lipids from attack by environmental stressors. Take note of its most bioavailable form, alpha-tocopherol. As the skin’s barrier guardian, it’s not surprising Vitamin E has some beneficial effects for atopic dermatitis (eczema).

We found numerous vitamin E supplements, but many contained excessive doses. Ultimately, Nordic Naturals’ Vitamin E Complex became our top choice. It offers a comprehensive array of vitamin E types not easy to find in our diets. Third-party tested, the product boasts a research-backed ratio of 6 different vitamin Es — including RRR-alpha tocopherol, non-alpha tocopherols and tocotrienols.

Best Essential Fatty Acids

4. Mega 3/6/9 Omega Blend by Nature's Way


  • Added Vitamin E

  • Tested for PCBs, heavy metals and impurities


  • Contains pork gelatin, which may not be suitable for certain diets

It’s often said that sun exposure is the worst thing for your skin. UV rays can cause dryness, wrinkles & sagging – and sunscreen can only do so much. Which is why dermatologists are telling us to load up on these “radiance revivers” — omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They’re tested to protect the skin from UV damage, as well as reduce dryness and skin atrophy linked to old age.

When choosing a supplement for essential fatty acids, our favorite is the Mega 3/6/9 Omega Blend by Nature's Way. The potent blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids includes Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) and Linoleic Acid (LA) which our bodies can’t produce on its own.

Best Probiotic

5. LactoBif Probiotics by California Gold Nutrition


  • Features 8 different probiotic strains

  • Third-party tested

  • Suitable for vegetarians


  • Probiotics aren’t protected from stomach acid

  • Unclear how many of each strains available per serving

It’s hard to imagine probiotics as a beauty booster – but research shows our gut health is strongly linked to skin health. In fact, consuming certain probiotics have been found to boost skin moisture, fade wrinkles, and enhance “skin gloss” in this human study on the L. plantarum probiotic strain. In another study, a mixture of B. longum, B. lactis and L. rhamnosus strains was shown to reduce psoriasis flare-ups.

When looking for the ideal skin probiotic, third-party testing was crucial due to the insufficient regulation of probiotics in the market. After thorough consideration, we finally chose California Gold Nutrition's LactoBif Probiotics. It meets all our criteria for probiotic strains for skin anti-aging, and has undergone independent third-party testing.



Why is third-party testing needed?

As we age and due to hormonal changes, our skin can become more sensitive. Poor quality ingredients, impurities or wrong dosages can trigger unnecessary skin flare ups — aggravating skin that’s already prone to damage.

Reputable brands tend to use third-party testing or certifications to highlight that their supplement meets quality and purity standards.


Why are reputable brands important?

The dietary supplement industry is not well regulated, which means it’s easy for consumers to fall prey to false marketing. The skincare industry is especially vulnerable to exaggerated claims without scientific evidence. A known brand with a good, proven reputation will help eliminate some of these uncertainties.

However, do read reviews on your own and research products by examining the ingredient list to gauge the effectiveness of your supplement before purchasing.


Do I need a supplement?

It’s always better to obtain vitamins and nutrients through your diet, however there may be scenarios where a supplement will be helpful.

The older we are, the less we’re able to absorb the nutrients we need from our food. In such cases, a supplement can help replenish the gaps, and ensure we are still getting essential nutrients and vitamins involved in blood pressure control.

Some medications and health conditions may drain our bodies of some crucial nutrients too.

Getting the right ingredients or doses may be difficult through diet alone. For instance, collagen-rich foods may not significantly boost skin collagen levels. Instead, supplements like Collagen Glow Berries, with concentrated and highly-absorbable collagen, have been proven to effectively stimulate collagen for more youthful skin.


Who’s at risk of drastic skin aging?

Frequent Sun Exposure

It's easy to dismiss sun damage when you’re young, but UV rays are a major culprit of premature skin aging. They can damage collagen fibers in the skin, resulting in wrinkles, loss in elasticity and create age spots.


Smokers often appear “older” and that’s partly because smoking dehydrates the skin by reducing blood flow. Skin looks dry and dull as a result. Another reason is that smoking accelerates the breakdown of collagen in the skin, leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

Diet High in Sugar

Another enemy of the skin is sugar. Eat too much of it, and it causes collagen in the skin to stiffen and lose its “bounce” – leading to a haggard appearance.


Older women experience a drastic decline in estrogen levels due to menopause. Estrogen helps maintain collagen production, skin elasticity and hydration — so when estrogen levels decrease, the skin may become drier, thinner, and less supple.

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