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5 Best Supplements For Sciatic Pain

How to manage low back pain, hip pain or leg pain from sciatica.

Sciatic nerve pain is essentially caused by damage to the sciatica nerve. However, nerve recovery is often terribly slow — leading sufferers to deal with the pain for many years without relief.

However, the solution is actually simple. To manage sciatic nerve pain once and for all, the key is addressing the underlying nerve damage.

Image Credit: Mount Sinai

The latest research on neuropathy (nerve damage) points us towards natural supplements as the key:

In 2023, the Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology published an extensive review demonstrating herbs and supplements can be effective for easing nerve pain, with minimal side effects.

While doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or steroid injections for sciatica, many discover relief from these “nerve recovery” nutrients.

They typically have one or more of these properties:

We’ve compiled a list of the very best supplements for sciatica pain. Our ranking is based on their scientific backing, ingredient quality as well as results of independent third-party testing – so you can find a natural solution that can really manage your sciatica for good.


Our Top 5 Choices

👍 Best Overall For Sciatica: Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice by The Purest Co

Best Vitamin B Complex: Fully Active B Complex with Quatrefolic by Doctor’s Best

Best Saffron Extract: Saffr-Tone by Paradise

Best Holy Basil: Holy Basil Leaf by NutriONN

Best Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Ultra Omega 3-D by NOW Foods


Best Overall For Sciatica

1. Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice by The Purest Co


  • Patented curcumin with high absorption

  • Added American Ginseng for nerve regeneration

  • Naturally relieves inflammation & pain

  • No artificial fillers or additives

  • Third-party tested


  • Turmeric may interact with blood thinners

Chances are, you’ve heard of turmeric as the fragrant yellow spice used in dishes like satay, but did you know it’s proven to aid in sciatic nerve recovery and accelerate nerve regeneration? Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, is even clinically studied to support treatment of nerves in spinal cord injury.

Curcumin’s ability to relieve pain, especially arthritis pain, has also been heavily covered in medical research. Its key active ingredient is curcumin, which has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Research shows it’s even on par with pain relief drugs.

Our top pick for sciatica pain has to be Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice by The Purest Co. Featuring a potent form of curcumin, CURCUGEN™, it is enriched with BioPerine® which makes it 39 times stronger than normal curcumin supplements. It is also blended with ginseng, studied to promote nerve regeneration.

Best Vitamin B Complex


  • Over 8,000 5-star reviews

  • Features comprehensive range of B vitamins

  • Includes B1, B6 and B12 studied for nerve support

  • Folate supports nerve function


  • Some may be allergic to silicon dioxide in the ingredient list

Research shows that vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are essential to speeding up nerve regeneration. In a study of injured nerves, it’s revealed that the body uses these vitamins to aid in nerve repair – vitamin B1 helps reduce pain and inflammation, vitamin B6 supports nerve signal transmission, and vitamin B12 promotes nerve regeneration.

We’ve shortlisted Doctor's Best Fully Active B Complex because it contains all the B vitamins above, and other forms of essential Vitamin Bs. It’s also enriched with Quatrefolic®, an active form of folate, which is known to support nerve function.

Best Saffron Extract

3. Saffr-Tone by Paradise


  • Highly bioavailable

  • Has at least 2% safranal for best effect

  • Includes OptiMSM for pain relief

  • Zero fillers


  • Only 15 mg saffron extract per capsule

Known as ‘red gold’, Saffron extract possesses phenomenal antioxidant properties, shown to promote sciatic nerve function after crush injury. In particular, safranal in saffron, is what plays a crucial role in this. In another study, researchers found that safranal was effective at easing neuropathic pain.

After examining several saffron supplements, we picked Saffr-Tone, which stands out as it contains at a higher level of safranal (2%). Best of all, Saffr-Tone has the added ingredient OptiMSM, an ultra-pure form of methylsulfonylmethane. This compound has been studied for natural pain relief for low back pain, muscle inflammation and yes – sciatic nerve pain!

Best Holy Basil

4. Holy Basil Leaf by NutriONN


  • Standardized to 2.5% ursolic acid

  • Made from 100% holy basil leaf for maximum nutrients

  • Full money back guarantee


  • Takes time to deliver to Singapore

Ocimum sanctum (also known as Holy Basil) isn’t just an ingredient in curry – it’s also used extensively in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Packed with anti-inflammatory saponins – such as ursolic acid – Holy Basil is excellent at alleviating nerve pain. In fact, research showcases its ability to minimize damage in the sciatic nerve.

To be honest, there aren’t many high potency holy basil supplements available. That’s why choosing Holy Basil Leaf by NutriONN was a no-brainer. Its potent formula features holy basil extract derived from 100% Holy Basil, and standardized to 2.5% ursolic acid.

Best Omega-3 Fatty Acids

5. Ultra Omega 3-D by NOW Foods


  • Over 14,000 5-star reviews

  • Affordable price

  • 1,000 IU of vitamin D-3 for sciatica prevention

  • Tested free of contaminants


  • Large pill size difficult to swallow

  • Some users complain of fishy smell

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines are high in precious omega-3 fatty acids. These fats have anti-inflammatory properties, and are essential to building healthy nerves, especially improving sciatic blood flow and accelerating nerve recovery.

There are dozens of omega 3 fatty-acid supplements around, however we landed on Ultra Omega 3-D by NOW Foods. Despite the modest pricing, it has an effective amount of EPA and DHA, and features vitamin D3 – helpful in managing spinal disc herniation, a common cause of sciatica.



Why is ingredient quality important to nerve pain?

No one deliberately chooses to consume bad quality ingredients, but it certainly becomes more important when you are dealing with nerve pains like sciatica. Low-quality ingredients, fillers, or artificial chemicals may trigger allergies or increase inflammation in the body – inadvertently worsening your condition.


Why is third-party testing needed for sciatica pain supplements?

The world of dietary supplements can be a bit like the Wild West – regulation is scarce and it’s not uncommon to discover supplements don’t contain the ingredients they claim to.

Choosing a supplement from a reputable brand is generally a safe choice, but your best bet will be to select one that’s been independently certified by a third-party organization — to ensure purity, quality and safety.


Do I Need A Supplement?

The best answer may be given by your doctor, however here are some possible reasons you may want to add a supplement your diet.

Nerve pain can be exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies. If you have a lack of certain vitamins or minerals that are essential for nerve health, supplements can help bridge the gap.

The older we are, the less we’re able to absorb nutrients we need from food. In such cases, a supplement can ensure we are still getting essential nutrients and vitamins.

Some medications may drain our bodies of nutrients too. For example, some antibiotics, antacids and cholesterol medications can affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Getting the right ingredients or doses may be difficult through diet alone. For example, curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body, and the highly-absorbable Curcugen™ is only available in a supplement like Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink.

Ultimately, whether you face any of the above issues, it’s best to consult with your doctor if you are still concerned about taking a new supplement.


Who’s Prone to Sciatica?

Men Between 30-50 Years Old

It turns out middle aged males are 3 times more likely to develop sciatica than females. Weight gain, poor posture and long-term physical stress are cited as some of the most popular reasons.

Have a Slipped / Herniated Disk

When a disk protrudes from the spine, it may put pressure on the sciatic nerve – creating immense shooting pains. Age is also a factor, as it can cause disc degeneration, making you more prone to a herniated disc.

Those Carrying Excess Weight

Being overweight increases stress on the spine and can compress the sciatic nerve. This pressure from excess weight may make it harder for your sciatic nerves to heal properly.

Had a Prior Back Injury

Bone fractures or muscle tears can directly or indirectly impact the sciatic nerve, leading to pain running down the leg. In addition, severe back injuries can alter the alignment of the spine – creating added stress on nerves around the spine.

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