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Best Health & Beauty Gift Ideas 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The holiday season - a.k.a. gift-giving season - is upon us, and the Superfood Reviews team has prepared a spot-on holiday gift idea for every beauty lover on your Christmas shopping list.

Giving the gift of sustainable and meaningful gifts have gained more significance through the years as these are the type that can be used, in this case, consumed, immediately upon opening. Traditional material items such as paperweights and mugs are always a hit, but gifts that are good for one’s health can also dazzle your loved ones and give them a chance to stick to their health and beauty resolutions for the coming year.

The Gift Of Collagen

One of the most timeless beauty staples are collagen supplements that can do wonders to your entire body. Collagen supplements, when taken on a regular basis at an effective dose, boost your body's natural collagen production, which declines as you age. Modern formulations and clinical research have demonstrated that collagen consumption has an essential role in maintaining healthy skin, bones, hair, nails, and muscles.

The Best Health & Beauty Gift, Perfect For Everyone

1. The Purest Co Collagen Glow Berries

Key differentiators: Superior ingredients, large amount of collagen

Where to purchase:


  • Hydrolyzed collagen peptides from Japan

  • Contains complementary ingredients

  • Made in an FDA-approved facility

The Purest Co’s Collagen Glow Berries contains a potent dose (5500mg) of marine collagen sourced from Japan in each sachet, and follows it up with supporting ingredients like vitamin C (250mg), bilberry extract, and mixed berries concentrate juice.

Collagen Glow Berries uses a patented technology to extract their collagen peptides, ensuring faster and more effective absorption of collagen into the body. The collagen content on this is also the optimum amount, as too much collagen may lead to an imbalance of amino acids in the body.

With its mixed berries concentrate juice, the taste will be a hit and there will be no doubt that your gift’s receiver would love this not-so-sweet and healthy drink. Not only does this make for a delicious supplement, but the Vitamin C in these berries provide added antioxidant support and improve the body’s rate of absorption.

Additionally, the liquid format of the Collagen Glow Berries is preferable for multiple reasons. This type of supplement offers more bioavailability compared to others, and is more convenient to consume as there’s no need to mix it with other drinks.

For The Beauty Guru

2. Isora HyperGlow Collagen Drink

Key differentiator: Protects skin from stress damage


  • Protects skin from stress damage

  • Boosts collagen for youthful skin

  • Easy to consume and effective

Stress can harm your skin by breaking down collagen and causing wrinkles. But there's a solution: Isora HyperGlow Collagen Drink. It's the first drink that protects your skin from stress.

This product contains CalmComplex™ with natural ingredients that help manage stress and keep your skin healthy. It also has more than 10% collagen in each bottle, which makes your skin smoother and brighter.

For The Person Who Wants To Keep Their Youth

3. Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Key differentiator: Budget-friendly beauty supplement

Where to purchase:


  • Budget-friendly, one pack can go for months

  • With 5,000mg of low-molecular fish collagen

The Meiji Amino Collagen Powder is an odorless and neutral-tasting collagen supplement you can mix in hot or cold drinks. The formulation contains arginine, glucosamine, and Vitamin C that help the skin become softer and smoother and prevents wrinkles and spots from recurring.

A single scoop of this powder contains about 5000mg of collagen. A pack of this smoothening collagen supplement can last for weeks, so your giftee will not only be receiving a rejuvenating gift, but a practical one as well.

For The One Who Loves Skin Care

4. Sato Hakubi Collagen Drink

Key differentiator: Contains Coix Seed Extract

Where to purchase:


  • Contains Vitamins B2 and B6, and Coix Seed Extract

  • With 10,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen

An order of Sato’s Hakubi Collagen Drink contains 10 50ml collaged drinks to be consumed daily. It is one of the pricier options for collagen supplements, but each bottle contains up to 10,000mg of low-molecular fish collagen and essential vitamins that reduce the skin’s sebum production - which prevents rough skin and pimples. But it's worth noting that too much collagen may lead to an imbalance of amino acids in the body, and may have adverse effects.

This collagen supplement boasts its Coix Seed Extract content, a commonly used treatment for anti-inflammatory issues of the skin. It is known as a beauty ingredient that derives from Chinese herbal medicine.

For The Health Nut

5. KIKI Health Marine Collagen Powder

Key differentiator: High in Protein

Where to purchase:


  • Hydrolysed marine collagen

  • 7500mg of Collagen per serving

Closing off the list is KIKI Health Marine Collagen Powder. Each scoop of this powdered collagen contains 7500mg of sustainably-sourced hydrolyzed marine collagen. Similar to the previous item on the list, the excess amount of collagen might not do so well with the balance of amino acids in the body. It's important to know the optimum amount of collagen so that the receiver won't experience unfavorable outcomes.

Each serving contains amino acids and pure marine collagen that is enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact. KIKI Health Marine Collagen Powder promises to be gentle on the gut, with ingredients that are free of preservatives, flavors, gluten, dairy and sulfate, making it one of the more sustainable choices among the ranking pool.


The team at Superfood Reviews have hailed Collagen Glow Berries from The Purest Co. as the Best Holiday Gift of 2022 as it has proven to work wonders in boosting the body’s collagen production, helping maintain smooth and supple skin, and strong bones and joints.

Each sachet contains 5,500mg of premium grade Japan Nitta Wellenex

marine collagen peptides and 250mg of Vitamin C that can help repair skin from within. On top of all these great benefits, The Purest Co also offers a subscription package - perfect for when you want to keep giving the gift of healthy skin to your loved ones throughout the year.

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