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Can Eating “Beauty Tomatoes” Really Get Rid of Acne Scars? These Are My Results.

It’s totally worth the hype.

After experiencing a horrible acne breakout last year, I had hyperpigmentation and scars on my cheeks.

Devastated, I tried everything to get my clear skin back. Niacinamide, retinol oil, azelaic acid on top of vitamin C serum, snail mucin, and even apply sunscreen religiously before stepping out the house.

While the scars faded a little, the stubborn dark spots persisted, impossible to hide.

However, I recently stumbled upon a skin supplement called Snow Tomato Glowjuice, which featured these “beauty tomatoes” and is said to lighten acne scars. Intrigued by the buzz around this product, I couldn’t resist testing it myself, to see what it was all about.

How Are They Different From Red Tomatoes?

Hailed for their ability to lighten freckles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and sun spots, white tomatoes have gained attention in the beauty world. Unlike red tomatoes, white tomatoes have a genetic mutation that prevents the production of the red pigments – which is why they have that “snow white” hue.

But that’s not all.


White Tomatoes Contain Special “Anti Sun Damage” Carotenoids

These are colorless carotenoids — phytoene and phytofluene – that help protect the skin from the sun’s aggressive UV rays, and help reverse sun damage from deep within the skin.

This is crucial for hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

I read that sun exposure actually darkens acne scars, and making it hard for dark spots to fade.

However, sunscreen can’t protect us 100% and most topical treatments don’t work on the sun damage below the surface of the skin.

That is why many of us struggle to erase our dark spots.

We need a more intensive solution from within.

That’s what Snow Tomato Glowjuice is said to do. I examined their products, looked up the ingredients, and found three that seem to help lighten acne scars:

1. PhytoflORAL® White Tomato Powder

This powder contains a high concentration of phytoene and phytofluene, demonstrated to protect the skin from sun damage, lighten skin, and reduce sun spots after 84 days.

What’s special is this concentrated extract has been clinically proven, so you know their claims are substantiated. This is rare among skincare products, because sometimes you don’t know if the product has the “effective dose” of whatever special ingredient it has.

2. L-Cysteine

This unique amino acid is needed by our body to produce glutathione, a potent skin-lightening compound. Glutathione prevents our skin from producing melanin – the brown skin pigment that causes dark spots. Instead, it guides our skin to produce a lighter pigment called “pheomelanin” – resulting in a lighter skin tone.

Since taking glutathione orally is not effective, consuming L-cysteine helps our body replenish glutathione levels. Snow Tomato Glowjuice has added Acerola extract, which also boosts L-cysteine and glutathione levels significantly.

3. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

It may seem strange to have an energy booster like CoQ10 in a skin lightening supplement, but it’s for good reason. This powerful antioxidant re-energizes skin cells, allowing them to recover, renew and regenerate. There’s also evidence that CoQ10 can inhibit melanin production and help lighten skin tone.


What to Expect in the 3 Months

Some reviews said to start with 2 sachets a day for a more intensive whitening regime for a month – so that's what I did.

After breakfast and dinner, I dutifully sipped the Glowjuice. It had a light peachy taste, which wasn’t sickly sweet like some liquid supplements can be. I found out that chilling it in the fridge makes it taste better too.

I applied sunblock every morning, making sure to cover my acne scars. At first, I thought the Glowjuice could replace sunscreen, but I read on their website that it cannot do that. It has complementary sun-protective abilities, which need to build up over time.

So aside from the sunblock, I did NOT change anything from my normal skincare routine.

These are my observations after 3 months:

  • After spending weeks outdoors (on holiday) I didn’t seem to tan as much.

  • Although they have not completely disappeared, my skin looks clearer and the scars seem to have lightened.

  • I can use far less makeup to cover my spots than usual.

  • My complexion is more even and more radiant.


My Verdict

At $115, I’ll admit this product is not light on the wallet. However, I believe it’s worth every dollar – especially since I’ve been struggling with hyperpigmentation for over a year. I’ve spent a lot more on skincare products that were less effective, so I’m thrilled to finally find something that works for me. I’ve dropped to 1 sachet a day for maintenance and plan to continue using this until my skin has fully cleared.

You can find out more about Snow Tomato Glowjuice here.

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