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Discover How Women Are Achieving Their Body Goals Without Intense Workouts or Crash Diets

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

It's the Top Method to Naturally Support Your Slimming Journey

Because It Offers Nature’s Most Potent Citrus Ingredients…

Including the Revolutionary Extract Experts are Labeling a “Natural Slimming Elixir!”

This will transform everything you thought about weight management…

If you ever worry that you look out of shape...

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by unwanted belly bulge... stubborn fat pockets... lack of energy... and a metabolism that seems to be on a constant slow mode...

And if you ever find yourself disheartened or annoyed that despite trying so many things, not much seems to make a difference and you’re concerned it might just continue this way...

Well, we’re not going to stand here and tell you those feelings "shouldn’t" exist, because let's be real, they DO matter to a lot of us.

You truly deserve better than this.

And now, there's a way out...


Nature’s Golden Ticket to Effortlessly

Slide Back To Your Favorite Slim Jeans Again!

Alright, think about this. Every time you look in the mirror and wish you looked a bit slimmer, you're not just dreaming.

In today's world, lots of folks feel they’re carrying a bit more than they should.

Maybe it's those sneaky snacks, sitting around too much, or all the "healthy" foods that aren’t really helping.

Now, here's the cool part: Sicilian oranges, those juicy blood oranges from Sicily, might just be the game changer you need. They're like nature's little helpers that help you get closer to those body goals.

Plus, they kick in pretty fast.

What makes these oranges different from other weight loss stuff? They keep working, helping you look and feel great for the long run.

Big claims, right?

But hang tight and dive into the details below ↓↓↓. You'll see we're spilling the real juicy secrets of Sicily!

“After diving into some pretty neat studies about these natural fat burners, I had to give it a try. (And yeah, eating balanced and moving a bit is still key.)
Honestly? This isn’t just some trendy weight loss thing. Straight from the heart of Sicily, it’s like getting a little slice of nature's weight loss magic. If you’re looking for a genuine, natural way to shed some of that pesky belly fat, this might just be your ticket. And the best part? All natural, no weird stuff."

Dr. Lena Whitmore, Nutrition Specialist

In a nutshell, when we talk about the Sicilian orange straight from those sun-kissed orchards of Sicily, we're diving deep into nature's treasure trove of natural slimming secrets. This brilliant fruit might just be the answer to...

✅ That stubborn belly that won't budge

✅ Those late-night snack cravings

✅ The energy drops in the middle of the day

✅ The waistband of your favorite jeans feeling a tad too tight

✅ The desire to find a natural fat burner

✅ The struggle of finding real, natural slimming solutions

They don't call it the secret weapon of Sicily for nothing!


The Magic of Morosil®: Sicilian Blood Orange Extract's Power on Weight Loss

There's no denying the appeal of Sicily's lush landscapes and its star produce – the vibrant Moro oranges. But beyond their rich, tangy flavor, these fruits conceal a secret superpower. Enter Morosil®.

What is Morosil®?

Morosil® is a unique extract derived directly from the juice of Sicily's renowned Moro oranges. These aren't your everyday oranges. Moro oranges are nutritional powerhouses, bursting with Vitamin C, flavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids, and anthocyanins. Each of these compounds brings its health benefits to the table, with antioxidant properties being at the forefront.

The Fat-Fighting Benefits of Flavonoids and Anthocyanins

It's worth diving a bit deeper into flavonoids and anthocyanins, the natural compounds found in Moro oranges. These aren't just fancy terms; they play a pivotal role in how our bodies process and break down fat.

Through their actions, they help our body convert stored fat into usable energy. That's not all. Morosil® Blood orange extract has a knack for fine-tuning your appetite, ensuring you feel satiated without overeating.

And for those committed to their fitness regimes, this extract can amplify the outcomes of your workout sessions!

Morosil®: Scientifically Proven To Work Against Fat Buildup

You might wonder, "Is all this backed by science?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Clinical studies have placed Morosil® Blood orange extract under the microscope, and the results have been nothing short of impressive.

One such study rigorously evaluated its effectiveness. Spanning 12 weeks, this trial involved 60 healthy adults aged between 21 and 50 years. Participants were divided into two groups: one received a daily dosage of 400mg of Morosil® (the Moro group), and the other received a placebo.

The results were quite telling. By the end of the 12-week period, those in the Moro group exhibited significant reductions in weight, BMI, waist circumference, and hip circumference compared to the placebo group.

Standing Out in the Crowd

When pitched against other weight management supplements, Morosil® emerges as a standout contender. Its capacity to deliver potent fat-burning compounds in spades sets it apart from the rest.

Morosil® encapsulates the best of what Moro oranges have to offer, concentrating the essence of Sicily's treasured fruit into a potent weight management ally. Whether you're looking to shed a few pounds or amp up your fitness routine, this Sicilian Blood Orange extract might be the natural boost you need.


Top 4 Blood Orange Supplements for Weight Loss

The most effective weight loss ingredients among the ones listed—and supported by considerable research—is blood orange. By preventing weight gain and lowering body fat formation through the conversion of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and metabolic pathways, this superfood is proven to help in weight loss.

We here at Superfood Reviews have put in the hard miles to find out what the best option for a weight loss supplement in the market is. We have graded each choice through a stringent grading based on the following criteria:


  • 400mg blood orange, the recommended clinical dosage

  • Contains forslean coleus forskohlii extract that help with fat reduction

  • No unnecessary ingredients or additives

  • 30-day, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back

  • Rigorously tested for purity and ingredient quality

  • Made in Taiwan

  • Manufactured to HACCP and ISO22000 standards

  • Highly rated for customer service

  • Free SG delivery on all orders


  • Only available online

  • Always out of stock due to demand


With an extremely comprehensive formula and the best customer feedback scores on the list, Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixir by The Purest Co is easily our Number 1 pick.

It contains a significant amount of blood orange (400 mg) along with a variety of additional ingredients that can aid in weight loss overall by lowering calorie and fat intake, such as forslean coleus forskohlii extract, apple and orange concentrate juice, and monk fruit extracts.

Customers loved this drink because it didn't have any additives and preservatives. Additionally, they enjoyed its delicious flavor. The company was highly rated for customer service and offers a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee which shows they are willing to stand behind the quality of their product.

The Purest Co’s Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixirs was superior to other leading competitors in terms of effectiveness, quality, safety, and price, making it our top pick as the best weight loss product available.


  • Contains blood orange

  • Help reduce cravings, lower cholesterol, and improve blood sugar levels

  • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non gmo

  • Sodium-free


  • Very expensive

  • No amount of blood oranges indicated in the ingredients list

  • Contains additives (Silica)


Onecare has been in the wellness industry for over a decade and its CelloFIT™ product claims that it works in tandem with other scientifically supported fat-neutralizing substances to help you lose extra abdominal fat around the organs and abdomen. It contains complimenting ingredients such as humulus lupulus linnaeus, ginseng, and artichoke extract that can help with fat-burning and weight loss, including blood orange.

It also offers different package options with up to 6 months supply although it can get quite pricey. One of the downsides of this supplement is that it is in a capsule form which can be hard to consume for some people and may leave a weird aftertaste. Additionally, in their recommendations, if you desire faster results then you have to consume 4 capsules. This might not be an ideal form of supplement for some people who struggle with swallowing pills and capsules.

This product would be a good option for those who are not price-sensitive with clinically-proven ingredients that reduce fat.


  • Contains blood orange extract

  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly


  • Lacks complementary ingredients

  • Could leave a bad aftertaste

  • Pills could offer less bioavailability compared to liquids


Although Anew Vita’s Morislim contains only the recommended amount of blood orange extract, it does not contain any complementing ingredients that my aid in weight loss and gut health.

A plus side is that it has no preservatives, artificial colorings, fillers and any preservatives. However, one of the downsides of this supplement is that it is in a capsule form which can be hard to consume for some people and may leave a weird aftertaste.


  • Contains blood orange extract

  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly

  • Affordable


  • Capsule format has less bioavailability than liquids

  • Does not contain complementing ingredients

  • May leave an unpleasant aftertaste

  • Mixed reviews from buyers


Only the necessary dosage of blood orange extract is used in Nature City's True-Slim Morosil Weight Supplements however, there are no additional ingredients that may promote weight loss and gut health are present.

Its lack of preservatives, artificial coloring, fillers, and preservatives of any kind is a positive. Although this supplement comes in a capsule form, which some individuals find difficult to swallow and which could leave an odd aftertaste, is one of its drawbacks.

This supplement would be a good option for those who are in a budget with clinically recommended amount of blood orange.


Best Overall: The Purest Co

We just talked about the wonders of Morosil® - the blood orange extract that's doing all sorts of magic for our waistlines. But here's the thing: It's one thing to know about a super ingredient, and it's a whole different ball game to use it right. Enter The Purest Co.

These folks didn't just stop at getting the good stuff from the Moro orange juice. They took it up a notch!

They worked out how to grab all the awesome fat-busting and health-boosting powers from this Sicilian fruit, pop it into a sachet, and add some more fat-erasing all-natural ingredients!

What's In Their Sachet?

You might be wondering, is it just about the oranges? Not quite. Here's a deeper dive into the mix:

Forslean® (Coleus forskohlii extract): This isn't your everyday plant. It's been researched and celebrated for its exceptional ability to refine our waistlines and enhance lean body mass. Think of it as nature's sculptor, gently carving out a more defined you.

10 Billion Active Postbiotics: The gut is our second brain, influencing everything from mood to metabolism. These postbiotics aren’t just good for digestion; they optimize gut health, fostering a harmonious environment where good bacteria can thrive and you can feel your best.

Real Fruit Juice: Authenticity at its finest. Pure, undiluted juice bursting with vitamins and a refreshing taste that's far from the artificial flavors out there. It’s health and pleasure, all in one sip.

With The Purest Co's Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixir, you're not just quenching your thirst; you're indulging in a concoction crafted from nature's finest, designed to bring out the finest in you!




Disclaimer: The information provided on this platform is intended for general informational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content provided here is not exhaustive and may not cover all aspects of a particular medical condition or treatment. The use of information and recommendations provided on this platform is at your own risk. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider for accurate medical guidance and do not delay seeking medical assistance based on information obtained from this platform.

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