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Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

Updated: Feb 1

Let’s answer the million dollar question.

Video by: Dr. Andrea Suarez

What if there was a natural miracle way to delay skin aging? Collagen supplements might be the closest thing we have to that. Nevertheless, there are still many who insist collagen doesn't work. They don't realize what they know is based on outdated collagen studies published a long time ago.

In recent years, scientists have released new, promising research on collagen. That includes the biggest scientific review on collagen the industry has ever seen.

Keep reading to learn the latest insights about collagen and its biggest misconceptions. We recommend the 5 best collagen supplements in Singapore, based on these findings.


Why Do We Need Collagen?

Healthy collagen is the picture of youth. Not only does it provide the bouncy structural support and stretchy connective tissues in skin. It keeps your joints lubricated and flexible. So you can jump, run and bend your knees with ease.

Unfortunately, the body naturally loses healthy collagen as we age. Collagen becomes sparse and stiff. The result is sagging, wrinkles, and fragile skin. Not to mention painful joints!

Collagen contributes to your skin's youthful look.

Image credit: Taste For Life

Pollutants and sun exposure are also collagen's enemies. They activate enzymes that “chew up” healthy collagen – accelerating your skin's decline.

This man’s face is more wrinkled on his left side, due to sun exposure.

Image Credit: New England Journal of Medicine


Collagen Supplements Are NOT Actually Collagen

Contrary to popular belief, collagen supplements are actually something else: Hydrolyzed collagen peptides.

This is a special form of collagen taken from cows, pigs or fish, and broken down into tiny pieces. The process used is hydrolyzation.

These collagen peptides are so small they can travel through your digestive system. Thereafter, they can enter your bloodstream, and finally end up in your skin. That's where they work their "magic".


So What’s The Latest Collagen Research?

The most significant research published so far is this:

A systematic review and meta-analysis of 19 double-blind, randomized controlled trials. They examined the effects of taking hydrolyzed collagen supplements on the skin. Best of all, it covered a total of 1,125 participants. This is considered a relatively huge review – after all, most papers before only focused on a small number of people.

In short: The findings are groundbreaking in the field of collagen research.

Here’s what the researchers found…


✅ Consume 2.5g to 5g of hydrolyzed collagen

Most trials observed skin benefits when participants consumed at least 2.5 - 5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen everyday.

Takeaway: Look at the ingredients list of your collagen supplement. Ensure it contains at least 2.5g of hydrolyzed collagen, or aim for 5g for even better results.


✅ Supplement daily for a minimum of 60-90 days.

Most trials reported skin benefits appearing around the 60-day and 90-day mark. They noticed these benefits continued for 30 days, even after stopping the experiment.

Takeaway: Do not "give up" on the supplement before 60-90 days are up, even if you don't notice a difference yet.


✅ Collagen supplements do have skin anti-aging benefits.

Finally, after meeting the above criteria, the majority of trials measured improvements in:

  • Healthy collagen levels

  • Skin hydration

  • Skin elasticity

  • Reduced wrinkles

Changes were more obvious in skin that's exposed to environmental pollutants and sun.

Takeaway: The right collagen supplement can help delay skin aging.


3 Major Misconceptions About Collagen

❌ Collagen Products Sold In Stores Are Regulated & Proven

TRUTH: Dietary supplements are not held to the same standards as medication. So you must practice caution, even for products sold in retail stores. The best supplements have a third-party certification. It means they had an impartial, independent lab verify their product’s claims.

Bone Broth/Collagen Soup Is As Good As A Collagen Supplement.

TRUTH: The collagen in such soups is mainly gelatin, not hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Gelatin molecules are too large to be absorbed efficiently. Plus the amount of collagen in soup is insufficient compared to a supplement.

❌ Collagen Supplementation Alone Is Enough

TRUTH: Your skin actually requires vitamin C to “make” healthy collagen. The vitamin donates enzymes to peptides, which transforms into healthy collagen. It's recommended to take a daily dose of ~100 mg of vitamin C.


Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

Yes, they do, according to the latest studies. But not all collagen supplements are effective.

To observe the anti-aging skin benefits, the updated research recommends you:

  • Consume between 2.5g - 5g of hydrolyzed collagen a day

  • Take 100mg vitamin C a day

  • Keep it up for at least 60 - 90 days

If you’ve been wanting to try collagen supplements, now you know how to look for the right one and how to take it!


Top 5 Collagen Supplements in Singapore

At Superfood Reviews, we’ve conducted comprehensive and thorough research to shortlist the best collagen supplements in the market. We’ve graded each choice through a stringent grading based on the following criteria:

Our evaluation criteria:

1. The Purest Co Collagen Glow Berries

Key differentiators: Superior ingredients, large amount of collagen


  • Hydrolyzed collagen peptides from Japan

  • Contains complementary ingredients

  • Made in an FDA-approved facility


  • Frequently out of stock

The Purest Co’s Collagen Glow Berries contains a potent dose (5500mg) of marine collagen sourced from Japan in each sachet, and follows it up with supporting ingredients like vitamin C (250mg), bilberry extract, and mixed berries concentrate juice.

Collagen Glow Berries uses a patented technology to extract their collagen peptides, ensuring faster and more effective absorption of collagen into the body.

With its mixed berries concentrate juice, the taste is a hit amongst consumers and feedback is that it is just right in terms of sweetness. Not only does this make for a delicious supplement, but the Vitamin C in these berries provide added antioxidant support and improve your body’s rate of absorption.

2. Laneige Youth Collagen Drink

Key differentiators: Promotes sleep, moisturizing


  • Contains GABA to promote deep sleep

  • Contains pomegranate and red orange extract

  • Made in an FDA-approved facility

If the goal is to tighten the skin and replace fine lines and wrinkles into supple skin, Laneige aims to do just that. Their Youth Collagen Drink contains fish collagen peptides that replenishes the body’s collagen supply while helping you maintain healthy skin. This drink also contains minerals that promote relaxation and help one have better sleep.

This collagen supplement, however, is on the pricey side. Laneige is one of the more well-known skincare brands worldwide so this is a hit with more mature customers who experience some sogginess and lack of collagen.

3. Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder

Key differentiator: Comes in 4 flavors (Watermelon, Mixed Berry, Mango and Pineapple)


  • Hydrolyzed collagen peptides from Japan

  • Contains hyaluronic acid

  • Delicious taste

Each pack of Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder contains 30 servings of powdered collagen, recommended to be mixed into cold water. Their collagen drink contains complementary ingredients, which can also be found in most collagen supplements, such as Vitamin C and natural fruit flavors. Among their key ingredients, at the forefront is hyaluronic acid. This substance, naturally produced by the body, assists in retaining moisture levels.

It’s also helpful to note that most customer reviews for Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder mention its benefit of keeping the skin complexion healthy along with the drink’s distinctly fruity taste.

4. Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Key differentiator: Budget-friendly collagen supplement


  • Budget-friendly, one pack can go for months

  • With 5,000mg of low-molecular fish collagen

Another collagen supplement in powder-form, the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder is an odorless and neutral-tasting collagen supplement you can mix in hot or cold drinks. The formulation contains arginine, glucosamine, and Vitamin C that help the skin become softer and smoother to combat wrinkles and spots from recurring.

A single scoop of this powder contains about 5000mg of collagen. Consumer feedback states that a pack can last them months, making Meiji’s Amino Collagen Powder the budget-friendly choice among the products in the list.

5. Sato Hakubi Collagen Drink

Key differentiator: Contains Coix Seed Extract


  • Contains Vitamins B2 and B6, and Coix Seed Extract

  • With 10,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen

An order of Sato’s Hakubi Collagen Drink contains 10 50ml collaged drinks to be consumed daily. It is one of the pricier options for collagen supplements, but each bottle contains up to 10,000mg of low-molecular fish collagen and essential vitamins that reduce the skin’s sebum production - which helps maintain smooth skin and reduces the occurrence of blemishes.

This collagen supplement boasts its Coix Seed Extract content, a commonly used treatment for anti-inflammatory issues of the skin. It is known as a beauty ingredient that derives from Chinese herbal medicine.


Buying The Best Collagen Supplement in Singapore

Our body’s collagen production naturally decreases over time, so it’s ideal to take collagen supplements that prevent a lack of this substance that keeps our skin, nails, hair, joints, and bones in their top shape.

It’s important to check the nutritional values of the drinks and powders you’re considering to buy and compare their health standards and especially collagen contents for optimum collagen absorption and to reap the benefits that come with it.


Best Product Overall: Collagen Glow Berries

30 Sachets

  • Clinically proven to: Firm, Lift, & Moisturize skin

  • Collagen peptide: 5,500mg premium grade Japan Nitta-Wellnex™

  • Infused with: 250mg Vitamin C & 100mg Bilberry extract

  • Lightly sweetened with: Real fruit juice

  • Risk-free money back guarantee

  • Sustainably-harvested from: Tilapia fishes

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