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My Incredible Weight Loss Journey: How Daily Consumption Transformed Me in Just 2 Months

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Follow me on a journey as I share my personal experience discovering the advantages of blood oranges, and how it not only helped me manage my weight but also improved my gut health.

Blood oranges are gaining popularity in the wellness industry for their clinically proven weight management properties. While searching for weight loss supplements, one can find several items claiming to help shed pounds in just a few days, ranging from protein powders to cleansing juices. With so many ingredients claiming to promote weight loss, what makes blood oranges the talk of the town?


What Are Blood Oranges?

To put it simply, consuming foods that are rich in flavonoids such as blood oranges (or morosil) can potentially help in weight loss by reducing inflammation in fat cells that are associated with obesity. A study found that blood oranges have high levels of flavonoids that can prevent weight gain by reducing inflammation.

But to be specific, blood oranges contain the following:

  • Vitamins B & Folate: Boost your body's ability to metabolize carbs, proteins, and lipids while efficiently utilizing stored energy

  • Vitamin C: Helps boost the immune system and contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals.

  • Magnesium: Regulates blood sugar and insulin levels, and helps converts food into energy

  • Potassium: This vital electrolyte plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, enhancing bone density, and promoting optimal kidney function.

Additionally, blood oranges contain anthocyanin — a water-soluble pigment that can help prevent diseases like cancer, inflammation, infections, cardiovascular issues, and weight gain.

As we approach our 30s, losing weight becomes more challenging due to several factors such as genetic predisposition, loss of muscle mass, slower metabolism, changes in hormones, and even stress.


Why You Need To Manage Your Weight

(Despite & Inspite of Your Age)

It’s important to keep a normal weight range to maintain healthy aging. An elevated BMI or body mass index in older people can increase the risk of health issues such as heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes to name a few.

In addition, being underweight can also pose significant health risks, including difficulty recovering from illnesses and increased susceptibility to conditions such as osteoporosis and anemia. However, maintaining a healthy weight can help mitigate or even prevent these dangers.


Improving Weight Management

As someone approaching their 30s and juggling a 9-5 job, finding time for exercise is a daunting task, so I have opted to maintain a balanced diet. However, I have noticed that my body doesn't metabolize food as efficiently as it did when I was younger. Despite my healthier food choices, I still find weight management to be more challenging these days.

Although I never used to be weight-conscious, I have begun to notice a decline in my energy levels and how easily I become breathless when using stairs. I want to stay fit for the sake of my health and to enjoy daily activities without getting tired easily.

In the past, I tried several diet supplements and at-home workouts, all claiming to produce quick results, but only one supplement with this main ingredient seemed to work for me — blood oranges. I began to see visible results within two months, and here's what happened:

Benefits of Taking Blood Orange: The Results

Month 1

Weeks 1 & 2: Better Gut Health & Bloat-Free

Following the recommended instructions of the brand, I began taking their blood orange supplement 30 minutes before each meal. Although I didn't notice any immediate weight changes, I did experience a significant improvement in my gut health. Bloating became less of an issue, and the supplement even aided in regulating my bowel movements.

Weeks 3 & 4: No More Cravings

I started to notice an increase in energy after regularly consuming the supplement. Because of this, I managed to keep up with a regular work out routine after work. In addition, I noticed a decrease in my cravings and no longer felt the urge to snack between meals.

Month 2:

Weeks 1 & 2: Reduced Waist Size

Now with a regular workout routine paired with a balanced diet, I’ve decided to see if there were any physical changes in my body.

Research has shown that the blood orange extract in Morosil® is efficient. Clinical studies have demonstrated its ability to aid in weight loss. Comparable weight-loss supplements can't match its amount of fat-burning ingredients.

Furthermore, it can assist in reducing BMI, waist, and hip circumference.

As a result of regular consumption of the blood orange supplement, I have noticed a significant reduction in my waist circumference and my gut health has improved tremendously. In the past, I experienced bloating and irregular bowel movements, but this supplement has helped me achieve a state of optimal health.

Weeks 3 & 4: Energized & Healthier

I’ve been taking this supplement regularly for 2 months now and while the changes were gradual, I’m pretty much happy with the results.

I don’t expect a miracle cure to help me lose weight immediately but what I loved about this product is that not only did it help me with weight management, but it actually improved my gut health! The best part is, I didn’t experience any side effects.

It's important to keep in mind that everyone may have a different response to this supplement. However, based on my personal experience, I have observed a significant improvement in both my physical well-being and overall health.


What Are Supplements?

Supplements can be any kind of vitamin, minerals, herbs, botanicals, and amino acids that you can eat or drink. You can buy supplements that come in various forms like pills, powders, liquids, and capsules to name a few.

Supplementing one's existing nutrition is the main goal of supplements. While supplements like vitamins and pills might be beneficial to health, they shouldn't be used in place of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Why I Prefer Liquid Supplements

Supplements come in a variety of formats, including powders, tablets, and liquids, as I’ve mentioned. In the current market, weight loss supplements primarily use these 3 formats. I favor liquid vitamins myself. This format, in my opinion, provides a more convenient, easier way to consume supplements.

As a result of my research and reading reviews online for various weight loss supplement, I have come to the conclusion that liquid supplements absorb more quickly than pills and capsules.

This is due to the fact that your body must wait for tablets and capsules to dissolve and break down in the stomach before it can digest nutrients. Simply put, you may obtain all the health benefits of a weight loss supplement drink without having to go through the entire breakdown process.

Additionally, swallowing tablets might be challenging for some people due to their sticky outer layer, which gives them a horrible tongue feeling.

I have also tried out powdered weight loss supplements, and while they can be cost-efficient, they aren’t the most convenient choice for people always on-the-go. The time it takes to prepare and measure scoops was not very practical versus the way that I can easily carry a sachet of weight loss supplement and be on my way. Additionally, not all powdered weight loss supplements taste good and may leave an unpleasant aftertaste.


What’s The Best Weight Loss Supplement To Take?

After completing a comprehensive search for the best supplements, I’ve managed to shorten the list of the top 3 weight loss supplements based on their quality and ingredients.

After using it for two months (as recommended), I can honestly say that The Purest Co.'s Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixir is the best weight loss supplement on the market. Each sachet includes 10 billion active postbiotic cells and 400 milligrams of Morosil® Blood Orange extract, which together can help break down fat, control appetite, increase energy, and enhance gut health.

The criteria is as follows:

The Purest Co Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixir

Key differentiators: Superior ingredients, decreases waist circumference and body fat percentage while promoting gut health


  • 400mg blood orange, the recommended clinical dosage

  • Contains forslean coleus forskohlii extract that help with fat reduction

  • No unnecessary ingredients or additives

  • 30-day, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back

  • Rigorously tested for purity and ingredient quality

  • Made in Taiwan

  • Manufactured to HACCP and ISO22000 standards

  • Highly rated for customer service

  • Free SG delivery on all orders


With an extremely comprehensive formula and the best customer feedback scores on the list, Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixir by The Purest Co is easily our Number 1 pick.

It contains a significant amount of blood orange (400 mg) along with a variety of additional ingredients that can aid in weight loss overall by lowering calorie and fat intake, such as forslean coleus forskohlii extract, apple and orange concentrate juice, and monk fruit extracts.

Customers loved this drink because it didn't have any additives and preservatives. Additionally, they enjoyed its delicious flavor. The company was highly rated for customer service and offers a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee which shows they are willing to stand behind the quality of their product.

The Purest Co’s Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixirs was superior to other leading competitors in terms of effectiveness, quality, safety, and price, making it our top pick as the best weight loss product available.

Avalon Fat Burner Plus

Key differentiators: Enhances metabolic activity and maintains blood glucose levels

Price: $76.60


  • No unnecessary additives and fillers

  • Good customer feedback

  • Vegan-friendly


Avalon’s Fat Burner Plus contains African wild mango seeds that claim to aid in weight loss and help reduce waist circumference. It contains complementary ingredients such as chitosan and l-carnitine that can help burn stored fats and reduce body weight.

However, you have to take two pills a day for maximum results which can be inconvenient and hard for some people as they may experience difficulty in swallowing pills. Furthermore, their website didn't list the amount of ingredients specifically, making it impossible to tell how much of each ingredient is in each capsule.

This vegetarian-friendly supplement has no unnecessary additives and also has BioPerine®, which would help enhance the benefits of the product. Fat Burner Plus by Avalon is a good no-frills choice for a consumer who wants a weight loss supplement in pill form.


  • Vegan-friendly

  • Free from preservatives, artifical colours and flavors


  • Low concentration of key ingredients

  • Pills have less bioavailability than liquids


Holistic Way SlimMax offers a combination of herbal botanicals and Conjugated Linoleic Acid powder, formulated to enhance metabolic functions. Enriched with the goodness of ginger and cardamom, renowned for their positive effects on holistic digestion, while the inclusion of green coffee bean contributes to the regulation of bodily blood sugar levels.

The product is conveniently available in a supply of 60 vegetarian capsules, ensuring an enduring usage duration.


When I first learned about blood oranges, I was skeptical about their effectiveness. However, after using Sicilian Orange Slimming Elixir for two months and observing the apparent results, I can confidently say that...

It works!

Not only have I noticed obvious changes, but my gut health and endurance have also improved. By incorporating this supplement into a healthy and balanced diet, I feel much better overall. Regular consumption of blood oranges may have a significant positive impact on both gut health and weight management.

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