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Sold Out 3 Times In Singapore – Why This Beauty Collagen Drink Is The Perfect Gift For Her

More than 10,000 Collagen Glow Berries have been sold islandwide. Why?

Give the gift of glowing skin.

When a beauty collagen is sold out once, you can brush it off as just marketing hype. But when it sells out three times in a row? You know there’s something extraordinary at play. Perhaps it isn’t just a fleeting trend – but something more?

Well, we know if there’s anything ladies in Singapore love more than Taylor Swift, it’s a beauty product that actually works. From CosRx’s snail mucin essence to Laneige’s hydrating sleeping mask, this year’s trend seems to have shifted to The Purest Co’s Collagen Glow Berries, a local health and wellness brand. And it’s not just for the young crowd – a quick search on social media shows women of all ages talking about it:

Most women report stumbling onto this collagen supplement by word of mouth. “My manager came into the office and we noticed her skin was glowing. We asked her what she did. Facial? No, she said it was this liquid collagen,” said Sheryl, 31, a paralegal. “I was curious and ordered a box for myself. To my surprise it really makes my skin firmer and more radiant.”

For 31-year-old Cheryl, it was TikTok videos. “I’ve always struggled with eczema and came across videos by a lady who swore this diminished her flare ups. I’m not the type to impulse buy, so I waited a few months before I finally bought it. Now I wish I’d tried it sooner!”

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, why are women so enamored with Collagen Glow Berries?

45-year-old Audrey’s youthful skin transformation.

Collagen Glow Berries has since accumulated thousands of 5-star reviews, becoming one of the top-selling collagen supplements in Singapore – beating out high-end brands like Shiseido and Tsubaki.

Here are some reasons why:

The famous bare face “glow”.

Many ladies describe attaining a more radiant complexion within weeks, even days. No make up needed. “My hair stylist said I looked prettier and asked if I was wearing makeup. But actually I wasn’t wearing anything that day,” according to one reviewer four days in. “I only started taking this collagen.”

The make-up free “glow” gives women more confidence.

Bye-bye acne, dark spots & uneven skin.

According to The Purest Co, theirs is no ordinary collagen. It’s proven to fade spots, boost skin hydration, and promote baby-smooth skin! They source their collagen from Japan, a medical-grade, clinically-studied ingredient called Nitta-Wellnex Marine Collagen®.

But there’s another secret ingredient. 100mg of Bilberry extract per serving. This superfood is loaded with skin-renewing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory anthocyanins. Together, they help fight against acne and dark spots.

Thanks to this winning formula, skin looks perkier, brighter and more youthful than ever before – as if you’ve just stepped out of a fresh facial.

Unlock thicker hair & stronger nails.

A surprise benefit of incorporating collagen into your routine is stronger, more resilient hair and nails! As collagen levels go down, hair naturally becomes thinner and nails more prone to breaking – so when you replenish these collagen levels, your hair starts to regain thickness and nails become stronger as well.

One reviewer says: “I noticed my hair doesn’t fall as much!”

Only natural ingredients that’s good for your body!

The skincare industry is notorious for concealing chemicals, fillers and additives behind unrecognisable names. These ingredients can be harmful and aggravating for sensitive skin. More women prefer skincare products that only contain natural, wholesome ingredients — and this is exactly what you’ll get with Collagen Glow Berries.

With zero synthetic additives or fillers, consumers feel assured they are getting the most out of their collagen supplement. In fact, Collagen Glow Berries contains more premium collagen per serving (and less sugar) than high-end products twice its price.

Yummy berry taste!

No more struggling with unpalatable collagen supplements. Collagen Glow Berries has a delicious berry flavour that makes taking it everyday an enjoyable experience. Not only that – it only contains 2g of sugar, making it a flavorful but low-calorie drink. Guilt-free!

A unique, meaningful gift she’ll actually love…

Discover what women say about their Collagen Glow Berries experience:

Delicious, beautifully-packaged and nourishing for skin, it’s no wonder Collagen Glow Berries is voted women’s favourite gift of 2023.

Where To Buy (1-3 day fast delivery)

If you want the gorgeously packaged option, choose their 30-sachet set. Depending on how quickly you need your gift, The Purest Co offers standard shipping (1-3 days) and express shipping (1 day). You can purchase your collagen set from their website and also on their official Shopee page. Currently, they have a special sale exclusive on their website.

UPDATE: After The Purest Co was featured on The Straits Times, Business Times, CNA and more, there’s been a huge surge in attention. Because of the product's popularity and positive reviews, the company is now offering a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. They are also continuing their one-time 10% discount for 3 boxes and free shipping across Singapore. Remember, this deal could be taken down at any moment, so get yours now to benefit from this limited offer. Please visit their website to check if the product is currently available.

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