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Supercharge Your Gut: The Ultimate Pre+Probiotic Supplement Guide

Updated: Aug 25

The health of your gut influences every aspect of your body, serving as a gateway for nutrients and defending against diseases. It impacts your immune system, nervous system, mental well-being, and digestion, making a healthy gut essential for overall well-being.

Gut health refers to the bacteria residing in the microbiome that’s located in the large intestine. A diverse microbiome is crucial, consisting of both beneficial and harmful bacteria, collectively known as gut flora. While good bacteria thrive on dietary fiber, bad bacteria thrive on simple sugars and processed foods. Our body maintains a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome, as it processes these microorganisms and produces beneficial compounds. Hence, a balance of both types of bacteria is necessary for optimal health.

So it’s no surprise then that a new trend in gut health supplements is on the rise: the “Pre+probiotics”.

Brands have been advertising "Pre+Probiotics" as an all-purpose digestive aid recently. We questioned if these products—whose brands boast they can treat everything from dyspepsia to diarrhea—really worked. What distinguishes a Pre+Probiotic from a standard probiotic supplement?


Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

Probiotics are beverages, foods, or supplements that enhance the presence of beneficial bacteria within the body. They are commonly derived from fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir. By introducing beneficial bacteria to our gut, probiotics contribute to the improvement of our digestive system.

On the other hand, prebiotics are obtained from fiber-rich foods that are indigestible to humans. Prebiotics serve as nourishment for the beneficial bacteria to thrive

When used together, probiotics and prebiotics work synergistically to support gut health and overall well-being.

Pre+Probiotics refer to probiotic supplements that contain prebiotics as well. These supplements combine the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics in a single product. The majority of probiotic supplements on the market include prebiotics, making them fall into the Pre+Probiotic category.


Benefits of Pre+Probiotic Supplement

Pre+Probiotic supplements' blend of probiotics and prebiotics aids in restoring and maintaining a healthy gut microbiota, which has a good impact on digestion and nutrient absorption. Probiotics introduce healthy bacteria that help with overall digestion to lessen typical digestive problems such as bloating and constipation.

Prebiotics encourage the growth and activity of these helpful bacteria by acting as a source of food for them. The body will effectively absorb the important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the food thanks to this synergistic action, which promotes adequate nutrient absorption. Given that the majority of immune cells are found in the gut, a healthy gut microbiota also supports a robust immune system. Pre+Probiotics assist in immune response modulation, lowering the risk of infections and enhancing immunological performance.

One study showed that in a randomized controlled trial demonstrated that a synbiotic supplement that combined probiotics and prebiotics improved digestive symptoms and quality of life in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.


What to Look for in a Pre+Probiotic Supplement

Various Strains and Probiotics

Your best bet for balancing your microbiome is a pre+probiotic with a wide variety of beneficial bacterial strains. The best pre+probiotic supplements include at least nine different strains of bacteria in them. Additionally, you need to make sure your supplement includes a range of prebiotics that are specially formulated for the probiotic strains. Otherwise, while some strains could thrive, others won't.

Research-Based Strains

High CFU (Colony-Forming Units) Count

Patented Coating System

What To Avoid in a Pre+Probiotic Supplement

Fewer Strains

Every probiotic strain serves a particular purpose in the human body. Others aid in metabolism, digestion, mood, or weariness, while others support skin health. Despite this, many supplements only include one or a few probiotic strains, which limits their ability to be effective.

Cultures that are "Live" or "Active"

Insufficient Prebiotics


The Top 3 Pro+Prebiotic Supplements

We here at Superfood Reviews have done the research to find out what the best option for Pre+Probiotic supplements in the market. We have graded each choice through a stringent grading based on the following criteria:

Our evaluation criteria:


  • 15 billion CFUs ofPprobiotics

  • 7 patented Probiotics strains

  • 2 kinds of Prebiotics

  • Has 4-layer granule coating system

  • Prepared in an FDA-certified facility in Taiwan

  • Independent-lab tested


  • Only available online

The Purest Co’s Daily Pre+Probiotic Melts takes the top spot in our ranking. One notable aspect of this product is its implementation of a patented granule coating system. This innovative technology ensures the survival of live probiotic strains throughout their journey to the gut. By providing the granules with acidity resistance upon ingestion, a high survivability rate of these beneficial strains is achieved, guaranteeing their effectiveness in reaching and positively impacting the gut.

In terms of potency, each sachet of this product contains a generous dose of 15 billion CFUs of probiotics. These carefully formulated sachets are specifically designed to replenish and balance the beneficial bacteria in the gut. What sets this product apart is the incorporation of 7 meticulously selected patented probiotic strains and 2 types of prebiotics. This thoughtfully curated combination works synergistically to optimize the effectiveness of improving gut health.

This product features a cranberry juice concentrate flavor, which not only enhances its taste but also offers additional benefits for the digestive system. Cranberry is known to be a fiber-rich fruit that supports digestive health and promotes regular bowel movement. By incorporating this natural ingredient, the product aims to provide a flavorful experience while contributing to overall digestive well-being.


  • Contains 15 Billion Live CFUs

  • Gluten-free

  • No artificial flavours


  • Contains only 3 probiotic strains

  • Website did not mention any coating system

Greenlife’s Probiotic Daily 15B is specifically designed to enhance the immune and digestive health of adults by delivering 15 billion CFUs of essential probiotic strains.

According to the website, GreenLife Probiotic Daily 15B aims to address the challenges faced by our gut microflora due to factors such as unhealthy diets, stress, and the demands of modern lifestyles.

The daily use of this formulation is believed to promote a healthy gut environment, aiding in optimal bowel function, regularity, and digestion. Additionally, it helps maintain a beneficial balance of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to overall well-being.


  • Suitable for adults and children

  • Enriched with vitamins B and D

  • Microencapsulated

  • Easy to consume


  • Pricey

  • Lower CFU count

This Korea-made product contains 3 billion CFUs of 5 probiotic strains and is enriched with vitamins B and D.

It is double microencapsulated for a higher survival rate to the gut.

It's suitable for adults and children ages 2 and above.

However, it is a little pricey and has a lower CFU count than other products on this list.

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