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The Truth About Reversing Alopecia Areata In Men Naturally

It's not normal hair fall – it’s an inflammatory condition.

“I lost my girlfriend because of how alopecia areata affected me. I wasn’t confident to step outside without a hat, and felt like my life was over until…”

Are there natural methods to effectively cure alopecia areata?

We first need to know alopecia areata isn’t a “hair loss problem”. Instead, hair loss is a symptom of another underlying issue:


That’s why drugs that bring down inflammation are used to manage alopecia areata — like corticosteroid injections and JAK inhibitors (e.g. baricitinib).


The Hidden Link Between Inflammation & Patchy Hair Loss

Ever wonder why alopecia areata often manifests as sudden, bald spots on the scalp?

It’s a sign the immune system has gone berserk. Instead of targeting “foreign invaders”, it mistakenly attacks healthy cells, such as our hair follicles.

A little known body signal pathway called JAK (Janus Kinase) is the cause of alopecia areata – triggering inflammation around hair follicles. This disrupts the normal hair growth cycle – causing hair to shrink, stop growing, and ultimately, fall in patches.

This is the reason why many alopecia areata medications work by suppressing the JAK signal. However, these medications must be continued in the long term – and ceasing them means hair loss may return.

Long term side effects of these medications include increased risk of:

  • Heart attack

  • Stroke

  • Cancer

  • Blood clots

  • Severe infections

  • and more…


Why Hair Loss Solutions Like Minoxidil, Finasteride & Dutasteride Fall Short

Finasteride and dutasteride work by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone – the hormone that causes hair loss. While minoxidil works by promoting blood flow to the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth.

However, in the case of men with alopecia areata, the underlying cause is an inflammation response — which these popular hair loss products do not address.


This Sour Fruit Acid Is A Natural 'JAK Inhibitor' for Reversing Alopecia Areata

Found in fruits like pomegranate and raspberry, scientists have hailed ellagic acid as a breakthrough remedy for alopecia areata.

Its ability to suppress JAK signals naturally has gained attention of hair biologists, dermatologists & hair loss specialists worldwide — prompting several studies on its use to reverse autoimmune hair loss.

But here’s the catch:

Despite its huge potential, ellagic acid is not easily absorbed by the body

This is precisely why punicalagins have gained popularity. This fruit polyphenol is abundant in ellagic acid, and is readily absorbed.

In one randomized, longitudinal study, men with an average age of 47 were administered a pomegranate extract high in punicalagins:

After 60 days of taking the extract, the results were impressive.

Research Data:


A Guide to Finding the Right Natural Hair Solution for Alopecia Areata

✅ Contains Punicalagins (with Ellagic Acid)

In contrast to pure ellagic acid, punicalagins are highly bioavailable (up to 95%). In the body, they are metabolized into ellagic acid that can exert their benefits. Look for a supplement with an ingredient standardized to at least 30% punicalagins for best effect.

✅ Oral Supplement vs. Topical Cream

Both oral supplements and topical creams enriched with punicalagins both help in hair regeneration. However, studies show results are typically more pronounced with oral supplements.

✅ Hair Building Block Nutrients

To grow hair, our bodies need vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Look for nutrients like biotin, vitamins B and E, zinc, iron, potassium and essential amino acids such as cysteine and methionine.


Our Top Natural Hair Loss Treatments For Alopecia Areata

Best Overall For Alopecia Areata

Retails at: S$115

​What We Like

What We Don’t Like

High levels of punicalagins

Fairly new on the market

Clinically proven to increase male hair growth

Pomegranate Hair Vitality claims the number one spot, as this super drink is packed with 300mg of Pomanox® — a natural pomegranate extract standardized to 30% punicalagins and more than 50% total polyphenols.

The best part? It’s supported by clinical findings to regenerate new, thicker and faster hair growth.

Pomegranate Hair Vitality also features essential hair-building blocks such as collagen, biotin, vitamin C, and potassium. For those looking for a peace of mind, The Purest Co offers a 30-day full money back guarantee.

Best For Stress-Related Hair Fall

Retails at: S$83.00

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

​Ingredients to combat stress

Low amount of pomegranate extract

60 day money back guarantee

Happy Hair™ clinches second place as a well-rounded hair supplement. While originally formulated for women, it contains a pomegranate extract useful for treating alopecia areata. However, at only 25mg, that’s much lower than the clinically effective dose of 220mg.

Other ingredients like ginseng and passion flower extract, are known to reduce stress-induced inflammation. It also provides hair essentials like biotin, zinc & silica to aid in hair growth. Careful shoppers can rejoice too, as they have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Best Shampoo

Retails at: S$153.12

What we like

What we don’t like

​Developed with pharmacists & dermatologists

Short money back guarantee

Ingredient amounts are unclear

Lotion has synthetic ingredients

In third place is a comprehensive 4-prong hair treatment: a shampoo, lotion, tablets, and a hair roller. The shampoo includes raspberry ketones, which does contain ellagic acid, however there’s no information on ingredient weight. Based on our research, topical use as a shampoo may not be as effective as oral consumption too.

Regardless, their clinical study shows 75% experience increased hair growth. We think the guarantee period (7 days) can be longer, to allow consumers time to observe significant results.


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