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Collagen: The Best Remedy for Wrinkles & Dry Skin

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


Wrinkles are a natural part of aging and it can affect anyone. It is more difficult for our skin to defend itself against damage as it ages and becomes drier, less elastic and supple. The minute we are born, all of our organs start to age and skin is no exception. Additionally, it is the largest organ in our body and as it protects us from damage such as dehydration and microorganism infections, it is also the most exposed to external factors.

Wrinkles often develop around the skin folds where facial expressions happen and can also show up on any area of the body that is exposed to the sun the most. Compared to being young, the skin is more elastic and can easily bounce back but after the age of 25, your body may begin to develop fine lines as a result of the gradual loss of collagen, which gets worse as you age.

There are two types of skin damage: the intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

Intrinsic aging is the natural aging process of skin. The degenerative effects of free radicals and the body's inability to heal their damage have an impact on the genetic clock. This is also when the skin becomes more dry, thinner, and when fine lines start to appear. There is progressive aging of the skin that cannot be totally avoided.

While external or environmental variables like pollution, smoking, and bad diet cause extrinsic aging. Additionally, the most frequent cause of severe skin damage is exposure to UV rays as it breaks down the natural collagen of the skin and its elasticity. The connective tissue of the skin will start to break down due to the UV exposure thus making the skin weaker and more susceptible to wrinkles and dry skin.


Other Causes of Wrinkles

1. Muscular Spasms in the Face

Facial expressions such as smiling or frowning may cause wrinkles to deepen overtime. Common examples of this are the lines forming in the corners of your eyes or crow’s feet and frown lines.

2. Smoking

Collagen in our bodies regularly renews itself, but smoking has been shown to slow down this process and even worsen wrinkles in the skin, according to study. Smoking also causes dry skin, uneven skin pigmentation, and sagging eyes.

3. Make-Up

If makeup is not thoroughly removed, it may clog pores, which would stop the body from properly producing collagen. Not taking off your make-up properly may also result in premature aging and wrinkles. The proper way to remove make-up is by using a cleanser before going to bed. Frequently forgetting to remove your make-up might be harmful to your skin.

4. Sleeping Position

If you end up in the same position every night while you sleep on your side or stomach, the skin may become wrinkled. In essence, you're producing facial creases or wrinkles as a result of external pressure on the skin rather than a change in the texture of the skin from within.


Treatments for Wrinkles and Dry Skin

Although developing wrinkles as we age is natural, this can be delayed when you start taking care of your skin now. The following can help reduce wrinkles and keep your skin moisturized and healthy:

  • Lifestyle Changes: Smoking hastens the aging process of the skin as well as drinking alcohol. Alcohol may cause your skin to dry up and make your skin appear older. Additionally, stress may trigger the production of cortisol which can cause the skin's collagen to break down. Changing your diet into an antioxidant-rich one can help reduce wrinkles and dry skin and may protect against the formation of free-radicals.

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery whether invasive or noninvasive such as fillers, facelifts, and laser therapies might give you faster results and reduce any signs of aging however, it can be more costly. Moreover, there are medical procedures that may cause surgical complications such as heavy bleeding, swelling, infection, pneumonia, and blood clots,

  • Skin Care Products: Skin care products such as moisturizer and sunscreen may help protect your skin from a faster progression of aging. Moisturizer can help your skin from dryness and can reduce the risk of developing wrinkles. Since UV rays cause the skin to produce free radicals, wearing sunscreen may protect your skin from the damaging UV rays that can cause sunburns, skin cancer, and wrinkles. Using sunscreen will not fully prevent your skin from the sun’s damage but may help minimize it.

While these treatments might help eliminate wrinkles and the drying of your skin, it’s inevitable to experience some serious side effects especially if you decide to go for any cosmetic enhancements. Although there are many causes that can contribute to wrinkles and dry skin, the loss of collagen is the most significant one. By adding this supplement to your preferred treatment, you may accelerate the improvement of your skin. Why?


Adding Collagen To Your Skin Care Routine

Collagen is what gives your soft tissues their physical characteristics. In other words, your skin's look. It is also the protein that is the most prevalent in your body and functions in a similar manner to glue or scaffolding and is crucial for the structural integrity of your cells.

There are two ways collagen functions in skin. In addition to holding the cells in the connective tissue together, it also provides the raw materials for the formation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are primarily responsible for maintaining the moisture in your skin, muscles, and soft tissues, are vital for controlling skin physiology and structure.

In addition to its well-known beauty benefits, collagen is crucial for the synthesis of keratin, the main protein in hair and nails that is also essential for the health of your muscles, cartilage, bones, joints, and internal organs. Keratin is the primary protein in hair and nails.

When you’re young, your body produces all the collagen it needs from the amino acids found in foods like fish, meat, and protein-rich plant sources like seeds. However, research indicates that starting around the age of 25, your natural collagen levels begin to decline dramatically as you age.

By the time you reach the age of 60, it is likely that you have lost as much as 80% of your natural collagen production levels, however the reduction initially occurs at a pace of 1.5% each year. Overexposure to the sun, smoking, environmental pollution, alcohol use, and nutritional inadequacies are additional factors that can have an impact on our collagen levels.

A diet high in protein can help to encourage collagen formation, but taking a supplement is a far faster and more practical method to give yourself that much-needed collagen boost and help restore your depleted collagen levels.

When it comes to collagen, it’s better to look for formulas that use hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides because bovine collagen is typically of inferior quality. Because they have already been disassembled into smaller peptides, collagen peptides that have been hydrolyzed in liquid form also have a higher absorption rate, which means they are simpler for your body to absorb and digest. This means that this form of collagen supplementation offers the best chances of effectiveness and the best bioavailability.

Due to the fact that fish protein emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cattle protein, marine collagen is likewise more environmentally friendly than bovine collagen. Additionally, wild-caught marine collagen is preferred to that from farmed fish because you can be sure that the former did not get any hormone, antibiotic, or chemical treatments.


Two Types of Collagen:

Type 1: Naturally present in the skin, tendons, bones, ligaments, and organs. This is the collagen supplement to choose if you're considering using it to treat skin issues like fine lines or old acne scars, and improve the tone, suppleness, and hydration of your skin. Additionally, it can support the health of your hair and nails. Usually, it is extracted from bovine or marine sources.

Type 2: A vital part of your cartilage is frequently consumed to enhance joint and cartilage health. Typically, it comes from a source of chicken or beef.


Topical Vs. Oral Treatment

The only advantage of topically applied skin care that claims to have collagen benefits is the skin moisturization. Currently, there are no studies that support that topical collagen can promote collagen synthesis or growth. That is because the size of the collagen is too big for your skin to absorb and it can’t penetrate your skin's top layer.

Compared to an oral treatment, collagen can be broken down into hydrolyzed peptides for easy and more direct absorption. Taking collagen orally might be more effective than topical remedies as it can help enhance the skin’s hydration and suppleness from within. Daily intake of collagen also boosts the formation of connective tissue and the skin's extracellular matrix, protecting the skin from UV melasma.


Top 3 Collagen Supplements for Wrinkles and Dry Skin Management

We've compiled the top 3 collagen supplements based on their qualities and components after doing a thorough search for the best supplements. We examined a range of dietary supplements in a number of different form factors, including softgels, capsules, foods, and beverages.

The Collagen Glow Berries supplement from The Purest Co., is the market's top alternative for treating wrinkles and dry skin. Each sachet contains 5,500mg of premium grade Japan Nitta Wellenex marine collagen peptides and 250mg of Vitamin C that can help repair your skin from within. It also contains antioxidant-rich bilberries that help prevent damage from free radicals.

Our evaluation criteria:


  • With Nitta-gelatin Wellnex® hydrolyzed collagen peptides from Japan

  • Contains vitamin C, bilberry extract, mixed berries concentrate juice and many more

  • No unnecessary ingredients or additives

  • 30-day, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back

  • Rigorously tested for purity and ingredient quality

  • Made in Taiwan

  • Manufactured to HACCP and ISO22000 standards

  • Highly rated for customer service

  • Free SG delivery on all orders


  • Only available online

  • Regularly out of stock due to high demand


With an extremely comprehensive formula and the best customer feedback scores on our list, Collagen Glow Berries by The Purest Co is easily our Number 1 pick.

It delivers a potent dose (5500mg) of Nitta-gelatin Wellnex® hydrolyzed collagen peptides which are a superior form of Type 1 marine collagen, as well as a whole host of supporting ingredients like vitamin C (250mg), bilberry extract, and mixed berries concentrate juice.

This collagen drink was extremely popular with our readers and contains no unnecessary ingredients, and was packed with a great taste. The company was highly rated for customer service and offers a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee which shows they are willing to stand behind the quality of their product.

When compared to other top competitors, Collagen Glow Berries was unrivaled in effectiveness, quality, safety, and value which makes it our top choice as the best collagen supplement on the market today.

*Results are based on The Superfoods Review and do not necessarily reflect typical results from the use of these products. Please visit product websites for more information.

2. Laneige Youth Collagen Drink

Key differentiators: Promotes sleep, moisturizing

Price: $120


  • Contains GABA to promote deep sleep

  • Contains pomegranate and red orange extract

  • Made in an FDA-approved facility

If the goal is to tighten the skin and replace fine lines and wrinkles into supple skin, Laneige aims to do just that. Their Youth Collagen Drink contains fish collagen peptides that replenishes the body’s collagen supply while helping you maintain healthy skin. This drink also contains minerals that promote relaxation and help one have better sleep.

This collagen supplement, however, is on the pricey side. Laneige is one of the more well-known skincare brands worldwide so this is a hit with more mature customers who experience some sogginess and lack of collagen.


  • A brand with a long history

  • One of the highest marine collagen peptide amounts

  • Can be purchased at retail shops

  • Contains hyaluronic acid and

  • Vitamin C

  • Tasty citrus flavored


  • Very expensive

  • Divisive feedback from consumers

  • Customer service not the greatest

  • Average consumer may not require that much collagen


Everyone is familiar with New Moon as a brand, and besides their well-known abalone products, they carry a line of collagen drinks as well. Their collagen drinks contain one of the highest amounts of marine collagen peptides in the market, and they have priced it as such.

Inner Radiance collagen drink also contains ceramide and hyaluronic acid, as well as maqui berry and vitamin C, which complements their marine collagen peptides.

However, each daily intake bottle is almost 25% more expensive than our top choice, which may or may not justify the amount of collagen in each bottle. Studies have also shown that daily consumption of more than 5000mg may not be effective and cost-efficient, as we do get a certain amount of collagen from our daily diet.

Inner Radiance unfortunately does not seem to have discounts for multiple order purchases - meaning if you plan on taking this long-term, it could get very expensive.

This product would be a good option for those who are not price-sensitive, and who require more collagen than the average consumer.



The Collagen Glow Berries from The Purest Co is one of the more effective supplements in the market today based on its components and ingredients. Their formulation contains the highest grade nano collagen peptide and enzymatic hydrolyzation that results in faster and more efficient absorption of collagen into your body.

These supplements are merely suggestions and while all of these have been studied and researched, it's best to consult your doctor regarding the best treatment for yourself.

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