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Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink For High Cholesterol: Scam Or Legitimate?

By Alice R., on 18 August 2023

Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink is a best-selling product by The Purest Co, a natural health and nutrition brand founded in Singapore. The company prides itself for only using the purest ingredients and full transparency, so customers know what they are putting into their bodies.

One of their top-sellers, Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink, is described as a dietary supplement to support the heart, immune system, as well as flu and cold symptoms. That being said, it has gained the most popularity among customers who want to lower high cholesterol without medication.

So does Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink really help manage high cholesterol? Are its ingredients actually proven to lower LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) also known as ‘bad cholesterol’? And are they truly as transparent as they claim to be?

As part of our investigation for this article, we did a deep dive into the brand and the ingredients of Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink, to uncover whether the hype is real or not.

Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink Review

Quick Take


  • Has potent cholesterol-lowering ingredients

  • Made with only 6 natural ingredients (no synthetics)

  • Does not cause blood sugar spikes

  • Transparent ingredients

  • Singaporean brand


  • Price is on the high side

  • 100% money-back guarantee is only for 30 days

  • Packaging (individual sachets) not environmentally friendly


Ingredients list obtained from

The key cholesterol-lowering ingredients in Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink are the Turmeric Curcugen™ with 50% Curcuminoids, American Ginseng with 5% Ginsenoside and Jujube Extract. Hence, we focused on these in our scientific research review below.


Ingredients Breakdown

Turmeric Curcugen™ (50% Curcuminoids) – 300mg

Turmeric has been widely studied for its health properties.

Turmeric, a golden spice commonly used in curries, has a history of being used in traditional medicine in India and China. Early research discovered that the active compound in turmeric — called curcumin — has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

We uncovered several pages of medical research citing curcumin’s ability to effectively lower LDL and total cholesterol levels from just 45 mg/day, as well as suppress triglyceride levels. This includes an analysis of 23 randomised controlled trials in Asian populations with metabolic diseases – which concluded that curcumin significantly reduces triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDLs.

Researchers suggest curcumin’s cholesterol-lowering effects are due to its ability to suppress LDL receptors, and mitigating the expression of lipogenic (fat production) genes. In fact, curcumin is described as influencing the same pathways as the statin drug in cholesterol metabolism.

But what about Curcugen™? The Purest Co states this is a patented form of curcumin developed by Dolcas Biotech. It looks like it has to do with studies that show curcumin is actually poorly absorbed by the body (low bioavailability).

This isn’t the case with Curcugen™ – clinical trials show it has 52.5X enhanced bioavailability compared to very pure curcumin.

We found a video demonstrating the fast dispersion (absorption) of Curcugen.

Our Overall Assessment:

Data shows Curcugen™ is an effective cholesterol-lowering ingredient with good bioavailability.


American Ginseng (5% Ginsenoside) - 200mg

Some studies indicate ginseng has the potential to lower LDL cholesterol.

Ginsenosides are the main active ingredient in ginseng, which is what we analysed to determine its effectiveness. The higher the percentage of ginsenosides, the more potent the ginseng extract and 5% is considered the standard in ginseng supplements. Unlike Asian ginseng, the major ginsenoside in American Ginseng is Rb1.

Research shows it does this by influencing gut bacteria involved in the metabolism of fatty acids, modifying the plague in artery walls, and slowing down cholesterol production and helping the body get rid of cholesterol.

Our Overall Assessment: Research shows American Ginseng has a positive impact on cholesterol, especially atherosclerosis.


Jujube Extract - 300mg

More human research is needed to study jujube’s potential for cholesterol.

Unlike turmeric and American ginseng, jujube is not as highly studied for cholesterol management. However, there are a couple of research papers that cite its benefits for high cholesterol.

This randomised controlled clinical trial showed daily consumption of jujube tea helped lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL after 12 weeks. Another study saw participants eating 500mg of jujube fruit daily for 2 months, which decreased their LDL cholesterol.

Jujube’s benefits may be attributed to its highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help keep blood pressure healthy.

Our Overall Assessment: While initial research seems promising, more clinical trials are needed for us to conclude that jujube is effective for high cholesterol.


Other Ingredients

Fructooligosaccharides - This is a low-calorie alternative to sugar, as fructooligosaccharides do not lead to blood sugar spikes.

Bioperine® - This patented extract of black pepper is often added to turmeric supplements to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of curcumin by up to 2,000 percent.

Passion Fruit Concentrate - Another natural sweetener for flavour. Passion fruit is high in vitamins and minerals, but we’re not certain if a concentrate holds the same nutritional value.

Does Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink work?

Its effectiveness may vary from person to person — depending on genetics, lifestyle and underlying health conditions. In fact, the product only aims to lower heart disease risk preventively, not as a cure.

Nonetheless, if you are experiencing elevated cholesterol levels, Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink may be beneficial, alongside a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Our research indicates taking 300mg Curcugen and 200mg American Ginseng daily can help rebalance total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

But can Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink replace cholesterol medication? If you’re already on prescribed medication, we certainly won’t recommend replacing them with a dietary supplement.

Cholesterol-lowering supplements should only play a complementary role. For example, a study suggests curcumin may be useful in addition to statin therapy in patients, and possibly statin dose reduction.

A customer’s positive testimonial.

Is Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink safe?

Unlike most cholesterol supplements, Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink has only 6 natural ingredients. This is because it has zero synthetic additives or preservatives. For those conscious about what they put in their bodies, this will come as welcome news.

The product is also made in a facility that’s FDA-registered and HACCP-certified, so you can be assured of food safety.

However, it’s still recommended to consult with your doctor if you are on cholesterol-lowering medications to rule out potential interactions, before trying Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink.

How much does Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink cost?

This dietary supplement retails at $115 for a 30-day supply inclusive of free islandwide shipping. Customers are highly incentivized to get on their subscription plan, with prices slashed by 13.91% to $99/month. But if you don’t want a subscription, there are bundle discounts too.

The Purest Co offers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee too, and we’ve verified from customers that this is upheld with no issues.



We consider Ginseng Turmeric Superdrink effective in aiding in cholesterol management, as it includes two well-researched, scientifically-supported ingredients proven to reduce LDL, total cholesterol and triglycerides.

Additionally, we like its ingredient transparency, 100% natural formulation and the fact that it's a local brand in Singapore.

Given that The Purest Co has products endorsed by doctors and has been in operation for over 5 years, we believe it is a fairly trustworthy and reputable company.

For those who are already taking cholesterol medication, we suggest that they speak to their doctors before starting on this superdrink.

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