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5 Arthritis Myths That Doctors Want You To Stop Believing

Misconceptions preventing you from living pain-free.

Did you know 50% of the adult population will develop osteoarthritis? This degenerative joint disease occurs when joint cartilage damages over time. This can occur in the fingers, knees, hips, feet, etc. Osteoarthritis causes pain and stiffness, making it hard to move.

However, despite how common it is, there are still plenty of false beliefs about arthritis that have become “mainstream” – which experts warn may be detrimental to people trying to improve their quality of life.


Myth 1: Arthritis is an old people’s disease.

FACT: Younger adults can get arthritis too.

While risk of osteoarthritis increases as you get older, younger adults in their 20s-30s do get it too. This is known as secondary osteoarthritis, which “is not related to ageing and is caused by injury, disease or genetic factors,” reports Dr Foo Siang Shen Leon, an orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.


Myth 2: Running causes arthritis.

FACT: There’s no clear evidence running directly causes arthritis.

A recent study found no link between arthritis of the knees/hips and running frequency, speed, or number of years doing the activity. In fact, running is beneficial for joints – aiding in muscle strength and joint lubrication.

“The evidence we have so far suggests that running, for most people, is a safe activity,” according to Jeffrey Driban, an osteoarthritis researcher at Tufts University. “Running won’t prevent the unavoidable risk factors for osteoarthritis like age and family history, but it can certainly stave off health conditions like heart disease and obesity.”


Myth 3: Exercise worsens arthritis.

FACT: Exercise helps protect against arthritis.

Patients should “stay as active as possible as exercise – including recreational running – helps maintain a healthy weight, promotes joint flexibility and a wider range of movement, and strengthens muscles around your joints, which in turn, helps protects against arthritis rather than cause it,” according to Dr Tan Sok Chuen, an orthopaedic surgeon at Gleneagles Hospital.

However, she cautions that those with more severe symptoms can consult their doctor and ease into low-impact workouts first, like walking, swimming and cycling.


Myth 4: Osteoarthritis is a “wear and tear” condition

FACT: Research suggests osteoarthritis is driven by inflammation.

Like tires on a car wearing down over time, it used to be thought that osteoarthritis only formed when joint cartilage worn down. However, in 2011, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine demonstrated how osteoarthritis is mainly an inflammatory process.

Some studies suggest when the synovial membrane – joint capsule producing lubricative fluid – becomes inflamed, it releases compounds that furthers cartilage degeneration.



Myth 5: Suffering is unavoidable as there is no cure for arthritis.

FACT: Lifestyle and nutrition changes can help relieve pain significantly.

While there might not be a cure for osteoarthritis, you do not have to live in pain. Doctors advise that quitting smoking, losing excess weight, getting exercise and making sure you have adequate sleep are all important to ease symptoms.

What you eat is important too – several research shows diet changes can bring down the inflammation linked to osteoarthritis.

Research shows Curcumin is a promising new ingredient for combating arthritis:

A published research study has compared the effectiveness of the active ingredient in turmeric – curcumin – to that of an anti-inflammatory drug called diclofenac. In this study, scientists found that two groups given curcumin and diclofenac respectively, experienced significant pain relief.

The conclusion is curcumin supplements are a good alternative treatment to anti-inflammatory medication, especially for those adverse to or intolerant to the side effects of drugs.

However, as curcumin is poorly absorbed (low bioavailability) by the body, choose a curcumin supplement that comes from oleoresin-sourced turmeric. This ensures maximum bioavailability with a 98.5% curcuminoids formula, making it more effective compared to normal turmeric or curcumin supplements.

Key Takeaways

1. Osteoarthritis can start whether you’re young or old – even from your 20s.

2. Osteoarthritis is driven mainly by inflammation – not ‘wear-and-tear’.

3. Curcumin extract has the potential to ease arthritis – research shows it works as well as pain-relief medication without the side effects.


Top 3 Anti-Arthritis Supplements

In our search for the best ingredients and supplements, we have researched and tested supplements in various form factors, namely: softgels, capsules, edibles, and drinks. After extensive work done, we have narrowed down the selection to the top 3 supplements with the best arthritis management properties and ingredients.

The overall comprehensive arthritis management supplement, in our view, is The Purest Co's Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice, given the high quality clinically-tested ingredients used, and also its superior bio-absorption liquid delivery form.

We here at Superfood Reviews have done the research to find out what the best option for arthritis management supplements in the market is. We have graded each choice through a stringent grading based on the following criteria:

Our evaluation criteria:


  • Potent formulation with 250mg of industry-leading Curcugen™ turmeric extract

  • Contains complementary ingredients such as BioPerine® and also Ginseng extract

  • Made in an FDA and HACCP certified facility in Taiwan

  • No unnecessary additives or fillers

  • 30-day risk free satisfaction guarantee

  • Highly rated for customer experience

  • Free express delivery on all local orders


  • Only available online

  • Regularly out of stock due to high demand


Your best option for incorporating turmeric into your diet on a daily basis is to look for a ready-to-consume product, like The Purest Co’s Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice, which comes packaged in daily sachets for fuss-free consumption. In addition to high quality CurcugenTurmeric extract (50mg per serving), this Superjuice is also formulated with ginseng (200mg per serving) and black pepper BioPerine (discussed below)—all three of which have been linked to a reduction in LDL cholesterol levels.

The Purest Co’s Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice, which contains 250mg of Turmeric Curcugen per serving, is one of the best turmeric extracts on the market because its formulation is 39-times bioavailability enhanced, which means your body will be absorbing more curcumin than other turmeric supplements. Moreover, the three main key ingredients of this Superjuice (ginseng, turmeric, and black pepper) all complement each other and work synergistically to enhance each other’s efficacy (more on this below).

The Purest Co’s Ginseng Turmeric Superjuice utilizes BioPerine in its formulation, and enhances the beneficial effects of piperine by formulating it with turmeric (curcumin) and ginseng. BioPerine works especially well with these latter two ingredients because it enhances their efficacy by 16-20x by increasing your body’s absorption of curcumin and ginseng. Indeed, studies have suggested that taking piperine in conjunction with curcumin can increase curcumin’s bioavailability by up to 2000%.


  • Contains 500mg of industry standard turmeric extract

  • No unnecessary additives and fillers

  • Widely available both online and offline

  • Vegetarian, gluten and yeast free


  • Does not use premium turmeric extract

  • Pills have less bioavailability than liquids

  • No presence of complementary ingredients, especially BioPerine®

  • Divisive feedback from some consumers


Standardized Turmeric Curcumin by GNC is a good option from a brand that is well known in the country for affordable options.

Each pill contains 500mg of industry standard turmeric extract, and while not as potent as our first choice, this still provides a good option for consumers.

This vegetarian-friendly formula has no unnecessary additives, but also omits certain complementary ingredients such as BioPerine®, which would help enhance the benefits of the product.

We feel that overall, the Standardized Turmeric Curcumin by GNC is a good no-frills choice for a consumer who wants an industry standard turmeric extract in pill form.


  • House brand of a reputable medical provider

  • Affordable option

  • Widely available online

  • No added starch

  • Manufactured in USA


  • Low amount of turmeric extract - 50mg

  • Pills have less bioavailability than liquids

  • No presence of complementary ingredients, especially BioPerine®


Raffles Medical is affiliated with Raffles Medical, a well-known healthcare provider in the country. Their house brand turmeric extract is manufactured in the USA and is widely available online to purchase.

Their product contains 450mg of turmeric root, but only 50mg of turmeric extract, which is low. As turmeric extract is the focal point of these supplements, this option will not be as beneficial as other choices with higher quantities of turmeric extract.

Additionally, there is no presence of BioPerine® or any other complementary ingredients.

Diving into customer experience, it seems that Raffles Health may not take the customer experience too seriously, and there may be some negative feedback on that front.

That being said, this option is an affordable one and may be for customers who are looking to try a turmeric extract before moving onto higher quality options.

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